putting the gaarden back in beer garden.

This Summer, Hoegaarden and renowned landscape designer and television host, Jamie Durie, partnered together to swap renovating backyards for beer gardens with the launch of Beer Gaarden Blitz, a nation-wide competition to find an Australian beer garden in desperate need of a green makeover.

After receiving hundreds of nominations made by the public, Sydney’s The Observer Hotel won the opportunity to have its beer garden completely recreated by Jamie and his team of expert landscape designers.

The venue’s beer garden was transformed into an inner-city oasis, and over a two-day blitz, the redesign focussed on bringing nature and simplicity to customers at The Observer Hotel without them ever having to leave the city’s urban jungle through a Hoegaarden “gaarden”.

As a heritage-listed venue, The Observer Hotel’s Beer Gaarden Blitz was no mean feat for Jamie and his team, however that didn’t stop them from completely transforming the concrete courtyard into a green retreat.

The lush new space is filled with giant topiary’s giving shade to built-in custom tables with generous banquet seating wrapped around the edges. The landscape is now complete with over 80 trees and plants, including Espalier Orange Trees as a nod to Hoegaarden’s traditional recipe.

To pay homage to Australia’s Backyard Blitz TV show, Hoegaarden and Jamie filmed the entire renovation process. People can watch a full length episode on how Jamie and his team of landscapers and designers undertook the stunning transformation above.

A little about hoegaarden

The Original Belgian Witbier.

Perhaps they had too much time on their hands. Or they were sick of the sacramental wine. Maybe it was divine inspiration?

We’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that the Hoegaarden monks were the first to discover the unique recipe for wheat beer around 1445. Over decades the monks perfected their recipe, using unusual ingredients and Hoegaarden’s Belgian Witbier evolved from what they knew as the traditional wheat beer. They found the ideal combination featuring the aroma of dried orange peel, coriander seeds and herbs from Curacao that makes the refreshing and zesty Hoegaarden as we know it today.